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Mere hours ago, I started reading a book I was supposed to write a review on. So far, it’s an exciting and compelling tale that I highly recommend. If you’re looking for a book that will shock and inspire you, look no further. Read the book.
– John Lamb, book reviewer
I’m reading The Demon King by George R.R. Martin right now and have been reading it on and off for months. I’m on book five. Thanks for all the reviews and keep up the good work!
– Seth Brown, Tampa, FL
The Stand is the ONLY scary book. I remember as a kid reading the book and wanting to hide my face when I read “War”. By the end of the book, I was never scared again.
– Ernie Pols
I just finished reading your review of The Demon King by George R.R. Martin. Great work! It is really interesting to compare your reaction to it with mine.
– Jeff, Florida
This book isn’t frightening so much as enlightening and interesting. Reading it is like watching a series of movie versions of Shakespeare’s plays.
– Jeff Bourne, Tampa, FL
Some book critics keep promising to write reviews. They’re still waiting.
– Jeff Brown, California
I didn’t think it was scary, but I’m glad I read it anyway.
– William, San Francisco
I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next one. The only thing that bothered me was the way some other readers were talking about it as a horror novel. To me, this book is about fantasy, magic, history and mythology, and no matter how dark or gruesome the story gets, I never felt it was one of horror.
– James Rice
My review of The Demon King by George R.R. Martin. I thought it was intriguing and fascinating. It will keep me interested.
Hello John. Thanks for all the great reviews I’ve read on your blog. You’re a good man and it’s a pleasure to read and review your books.
– Henry, New York
After many years of waiting, I finally cracked open The Demon King. As I slowly read it, I had to keep reminding myself to keep reading. After reading the first page and a few pages of the middle, I thought I’d gotten it. Then it happened. By the time I got to the end of the book, I was mesmerized.
– Tim Dowling, Tennessee
This book is spectacular. One of the best books I’ve ever read.
– Kevin, Jacksonville, FL
I’m reading your book The Demon King now and so far it’s very well written. I like that I can read a chapter before going to bed and it isn’t disturbing me. I’m hoping for more reviews.
– Lisa, Tampa, FL
I absolutely loved it! It was all I could do not to gush and give you the love I felt for this book. Now I’m really glad I never have the guts to put my name on a book review, because it’s hard to write a good review of a book you’ve read.
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